7 Reasons Why Good UI/UX Design is Critical for App Success

Apps are everywhere; they're fun to use, convenient, and can make life easier in many ways. However, the app market is extremely competitive - there's always a new game-changing app that's better than all the rest.

That means you need to focus on more than just your product; you need to appeal to your audience with an interface design that is both efficient and useful. If you're a marketer in any field, you know that the most successful businesses are the ones with an optimized user experience (UX). UX is vital when it comes to mobile application design because today's consumers have high expectations when it comes to usability and functionality.

UI definition:

A user interface (UI) is the part of an application that lets end users perform tasks or access data. It includes the arrangement of screens, tools, features, and other elements that allow people to interact with a system. A good user experience design can help make your app accessible and easy to use for all types of end-users—from those who are well versed in computers/smartphones to those who are not.


UX definition:

User experience, or UX, is the overall design of a product that focuses on how users interact with it. The goal of UX design is to enhance user satisfaction by improving usability. The more efficient the use of a product, the more enjoyable it will be for the user.


7 Reasons why UI/UX Design is Important for your App’s Success:


1. Ease of Use:

UI Design is used to make sure that the user can easily find what they are looking for on your site or app.  This includes things like navigation, search features, and any additional buttons or features you add to your page. In terms of mobile apps, this also refers to the overall look of the app including colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.

An App with a poor UI/UX is not likely to succeed. People will be frustrated by the app and its limited functionality, which may drive them away before they discover what your app can do for them.


2. Helps in Branding 

A brand is more than just an identity. It is a product or service that has been created to meet the needs of consumers and to sell in the marketplace. Thus, it must be unique and distinctive, but most importantly provide value to its audience through its core message and embodiment of the company's values.

One of the most critical elements of branding is creating an emotionally compelling visual design language. This design language has numerous components: size, color palette, typography, spacing, and alignment among others.


3. Brings in more traffic

Apart from being one of the most important factors in building a great product, UI/UX can also be a major source of traffic growth for your business, according to a new study from Kissmetrics. In fact, the research found that 75% of people would rather learn about a product through images and videos than any other information format. That means you need to have an excellent UI/UX designer on board who can work closely with your clients, so you can convert more visitors into buyers.


4. Improves Lead Conversions

The user interface design of an App is a crucial component for a good user experience. A well-designed UI helps you create a professional and functional layout that is easier to use, resulting in an enhanced user experience. This means that your users will have a better time navigating your website or app, leading to increased conversions and more sales.


5. Helps in Optimization

A good UI/UX design takes into account the speed factor as it affects user experience. A fast-loading page with a good UI and UX design will help your application grab the attention of users and increase conversions. If your app starts to lag in between tasks, then the user might get frustrated and might even delete it from their phone.


6. Provides a good first impression

A good UI/UX conveys the message that the team knows what their users are looking for. Make sure your application provides all the relevant information to your users without requiring them to search for it or navigate through unnecessary menus.

This point hits home hard when you realize that millions of apps are already uploaded on Playstore / Appstore.


7. Improves Interactivity

The key to an interactive app is the interaction between users and the UI. When creating your application, make sure you create a UI that is easy to navigate and will amaze your customers with its simplicity. The application of a good UI and UX can increase the interactivity of a brand. It creates a great user experience. A good UI and UX helps to create an interactive branding image that makes your app more successful.




The most exciting part of designing a new product is the opportunity to think about user experience and user interface. The designer works closely with the developer to ensure that the UI and UX can be handled by the development team. Whether you're creating an app, website, or working on some other type of project, you'll want to start thinking about how your users will interact with it.

The design of any application, website, or product is what gives life to the code. It's what makes it easy to use. And if not done correctly, can make it difficult for your users to achieve their goals. It doesn't matter how great your idea or product is if no one can figure out how to use it!



September 13, 2021


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